March Ritual Of The Month

March Ritual Of The Month

It's always important to take time for yourself
and practice self-care! This month, why not try a
simple ritual of meditation that focuses on calming your mind
and body?

Start by finding a comfortable place to sit and
close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths in
through your nose and out your mouth.
Focus on the sensation of your body and allow
yourself to be present in the moment and take
notice of any thoughts or emotions that come

Reflect on how you feel afterwards and what the
experience was like for you.

Our Luxury Balinese Incense can help transform your
space and set the mood for relaxation and
"Dose of Zen" is our twist on the traditional Nag
Champa which blends warm patchouli and
sandalwood with citrus and lavender notes.

Energetically it transforms your space to a calm and
peaceful environment and gives you 65 minutes of
pure fragrant heaven.

Self-care is all about taking the time to nurture
yourself and this simple ritual can be a great way to

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