Mind, Body, and Soul Replenishment – FËM RITUALS

Mind, Body, and Soul Replenishment

When I think of self care the first thing that pops up is "Me Time." Women have a tendency to put others before their own needs. As time goes on we find ourselves tired and depleted. That sums up my 2020 with Pregnancy, Post partum, and Pandemic woes. As a new mom, lack of sleep, breastfeeding challenges, and caring for a baby 24/7 was stressful. And with being quarantined, often times I was filled with anxiety and exhaustion. I didn't feel like myself anymore. After long and stressful days, the one thing that helped me was to steal "Me Time". I would light candles, meditiate, listen to soothing music and soak my stress away in a warm bath.

I made a decision that my physical and mental well being was just as important as caring for my family. I craved feeling like the old me. I wanted to feel alive, sexy, and feminine and find balance again. I started to create bath and body products that have the best quality natural ingredients. They smell amazing, feel luxurious and are great benefits for your skin. 

These products are a celebration of self care and self love. A call to honor your divine feminine self and affirm who you are and who you have always been. Beautiful :)

With Grattitude,